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DHS International Contributions

DHS requires your assistance in order to provide it's services to the Internet community. An annual payment of $5.00 USD for a standard account is required and helps pay expenses.

For contribution (payment) related inquiries, including queries about status updates being incorrect or payments that are going to be delayed please contact us.

Payment FAQ

To make a paypal payment please complete the form below and click on the button

Enter your DHS ID:

Other Payment Options:

Sorry, direct deposit is not available at this time.

If using direct deposit or postal service notify us with details to ensure your account is credited quickly

Unfortunately DHS International can NOT accept cheques, money orders or postal notes unless drawn against an Australian bank or Post Office. The expense and difficulties dealing with International cheques are prohibitive.

By Postal Service to: DHS International Pty Ltd
PO BOX 1608
Dubbo NSW Australia 2830

You may also make a contribution/payment by purchasing any of our merchandise at Make sure you notify us with the order number and your user ID to ensure your DHS account is credited.

Please make sure you include your DHS id and e-mail address if mailing us so we can record your contribution and provide you with due credit.

To make a paypal donation please complete the form below and click on the button

Enter your DHS ID:

Dassa has been doing it hard lately with a lot of personal and health issues, any assistance you can provide would be appreciated.

If you wish to claim an exemption from making a contribution or payment please let us know with your user ID and why you believe you should be granted an exemption. Exemptions will be limited and may be selected at random from the applications. No notices will be emailed and the only indication of status will be the members payment information.