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DHS International Contributions

A Letter to Users

Hello DHS International User

Despite generous contributions from a small number of users and the commitment of the Directors, DHS International has been forced into a position where the current free services can not continue in the present form. With the downturn in investment and advertising DHS International has been running at a substantial loss for some time which the Directors can no longer continue to subsidise.

To enable the services to continue we are therefore requesting a compulsory contribution be made by all users of our services. This will be a small amount of $5.00 USD which will enable the services to be maintained for another year if enough users support us. If any user does not wish to make the contribution or no longer requires our services, they need not do anything. Any account which does not have contribution information recorded will be purged (deleted) from our system by the end of July. All contributions must be received by the 14th of July to avoid accounts being purged.

Details on how to make a contribution are at: and can be made by paypal to

If additional hostnames are required by users these can be obtained by making an additional contribution of $5.00 USD for each two extra hostnames. Your account will be adjusted with the new hostname limits when payments are processed. There may be a short delay in the hostname limits being adjusted due to the need for some manual processing.

All new registrations will be limited to two hostnames per account, current accounts will retain present hostname limits.

Please make sure your account ID and account contact email address is sent with your confirmation of payment to to ensure the correct matching of payment to account.

We are sorry the services could not be maintained totally free, it was our intention but circumstances no longer permit us to do so.

If leaving our services, thank you for your participation. Any questions on this matter may be directed to myself, please include the subject line "DHS Compulsory Contribution" to allow for filtering and faster responses.

All the best.

| Darryl (Dassa) Lynch |
| CEO |
|DHS International Pty Ltd|
| |

This mail was only sent to email addresses listed as the contact address for accounts registered at If you believe you should not have received this mail you do not need to do anything. All accounts without a response will be deleted and any information regarding your email address or account will be purged from our system.

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